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Innovation leadership is not the result of coincidences but rather the result of adequate strategic orientation as well as its consistent corporate implementation.


Do you want to leave the average behind and take the path to the top?

Then welcome to innevo consulting, your partner for technological product and process innovations.

  With us you secure the core competences which are necessary for the achievement of innovation leadership in your product area.
Well-chosen market positioning and targeted product development are bearing columns of a company-specific innovations management system
  • In a way which fits to your company, is oriented towards your markets and in which your goals are reachable in a realistic time period.
  • We support you to prepare, formulate and implement your specific innovation process.
  • So that the focused use of your resources as well as the sustainable economic success of your company are ensured.
In doing so you have the whole spectrum of knowledge, experience and international contacts at your disposal which we are able to draw on in the fields of semiconductor technology, microsystems technology, nanotechnology and emerging technologies as well as in process management and product marketing. Look at our pages and gain a first impression of how you can reach sustainable innovation leadership with innevo and how you can benefit from this.

Semiconductors, Microsystems, Nanotechnology, Emerging Technologies
3-Dimensional illustration of a MEMS layout. ©Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft

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