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3D Surface Treatment Start-up Enters Nordic Markets

French start-up Nanoplas turns to innevo consulting for making its unique dry cleaning equipment for 3D silicon integration technologies available to advanced substrate, MEMS, and packaging organizations in the Nordic countries.

Nanoplas has developed a plasma source which offers unique advantages in cleaning, surface activation, and etch back. For its achievements the squad around Founder and CEO Gilles Baujon recently received the “Best Process Award” for improvements to manufacturing needs. Now, Nanoplas teams up with innevo consulting to make its technology available to semiconductor and electronics companies in the Nordic countries, too.

innevo consulting has been commended an ideal partner due to its profound local market knowledge in combination with its extensive background in semiconductor technology. Together with Nanoplas’ technical support and its sales forces, innevo will act as a catalyst for sustainable business relations in the region.
Nanoplas’ patented HDRF technology pioneers high density radical processing
Nanoplas’ patented HDRF technology pioneers high density radical processing entirely free of ion bombardment. © Nanoplas 2008
  About Nanoplas
Nanoplas S.A.S. is a French start-up company that has developed a new process providing the ultimate in dry cleaning for advanced 3D silicon integration technologies.

High Density Radical Flux (HDRF) technology is based upon a proprietary ICP plasma source, which produces 50 to 100 times more active species than competitive systems and eliminates plasma-induced damages. For the first time in plasma processing, samples are not exposed to electrical charges; substrates are processed in a “soft” high density flux of neutrals that is ideally suited for emerging embedded technologies.

The broad range of chemistries and process settings offer flexibility in front-end wafer processing as well as in IC packaging and PCB manufacturing. Nanoplas’ systems feature high throughput, small footprint, and low cost of ownership. The company is enjoying rapid market acceptance. With orders received from large players in the UK, US, and Japan, it expects to ship 10 to 15 systems in 2008.
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