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Privacy statement

  We request, process and utilise personal-related user data without further consent only as far as is required for contractual substantiation and winding up, as well as for settlement purposes. As a rule, the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and banking account, as well as access codes (master data) of the user are necessary. This data is normally requested via electronic order forms. Usage data, such as details about the commencement, ending and extent of specific services by the user or link data of e-mail services, will only be requested, processed or used if it is necessary in order to allow and charge the utilisation of these services. Normally date and time, as well as the time zone of the commencement and ending of the use, the scope in bytes, the user’s IP address, and the kind of electronic service used are recorded. Provided the usage data is necessary for settlement purposes (billing data) it shall be recorded up to six months after the sending of an invoice; however, beyond this, only if and as long as the user raises objections to the invoice, or if the settlement of such invoice is neglected despite request for payment. If the data is required for compliance of legally existing, statutory or contractual safekeeping periods, we shall block the data. In accordance with the current regulations applying we shall be entitled to render relevant information to prosecuting authorities and courts for the purpose of penal prosecution. We shall render to the user upon request immediate and free-of-charge information of all saved data relating to his person. This information may also be provided through electronic sources upon demand of the user.
Withdrawal of authorisation: You are entitled to object to the authorisation agreed for the use of your personal data for whatever purpose in the future at any time. To do so, please contact us at the address indicated in our imprint.



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