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Innovation leadership is not the result of coincidences but rather the result of adequate strategic orientation as well as its consistent corporate implementation.


Strategical consulting

Well prepared for trend-setting decisions

Success derives from a holistic approach

Conceptual model for business, human and technology factors


Strategic orientation of the company

We offer consulting services that focus on the strategic orientation of companies and organisations with special consideration of technical, scientific and social developments, including consulting on of intellectual property management (patenting) issues. We are also able to support you with the development and coordination of strategic partnerships and alliances.

Marketing and product management

We support you in all matters concerning marketing taking the company and product positioning and the socio-technological environment into special consideration, including consultation on product management (product life cycle management) questions. This also includes the development and expansion as well as the support of customer relationships.
By far most innovations are base on incremental improvements

Iceberg of technical changes


Knowledge management and change management

We also apply our know how about strategic and product oriented work in the sense of a "learning organization". innevo consulting therefore provides you with consulting services on issues concerning corporate culture as well as organizational structures. We ultimately consider it to be our success if our customers then take over their innovation management themselves and continue to develop independently of us.

Implementation and training

We help with the implementation of strategies and marketing concepts as well as change and learning processes, carry out employee training sessions and provide you with consulting services in the field of public relations.

Project management

We offer counselling services for project management, particularly in product improvements and new developments. We also deal with projects which require a high degree of interdisciplinary knowledge and with projects which can generally only be mastered with inter-company organisational structures.
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Key Factors of Successful Innovations

Innovations don’t come out of the blue. But a close look at the inner dynamics of innovations processes gives rather straight forward guidelines on how to raise the success rate of the development of new products and processes systematically.