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Innovation leadership is not the result of coincidences but rather the result of adequate strategic orientation as well as its consistent corporate implementation.


Technical consulting

Optimally organised for consistent implementation

Success means balancing details and the big picture

Integrated company management

We prepare business processes with you which are attuned to the particular demands of your technological environment and which support you with the organisation of your technology portfolio and the competitive challenges which exist in a fluctuating and cyclical market.

Technical processes

We provide you with consulting services in technical and scientific processes for the manufacturing of products, particularly in processes from semiconductor technology, micromachining, nanotechnology as well as in emerging technologies.
For being a step ahead tomorrow one needs to asess trends accurately today
Modelling – magnetic field in a vibration generator for energy autonomous systems © Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft

Technology scouting and product portfolio management

We employ our knowledge of international markets as well as our extensive contact network on your behalf to facilitate your access to micromechanical and nanotechnological developments, which are essential to pro-actively manage your product and process portfolio. In doing so, we always have an eye on your own markets as well as their specific requirements.

Project management for customer specific product and process developments

We support companies which develop and manufacture components for high-tech application areas in order to use these either directly or as components for their systems, with the improvement and new development of such components and systems as well as with the coordination of their external partners.
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Improved Quality of Life trough Telemonitoring

Vital signs are going to be collected while being at home or on the way reducing expensive on-site consultations.