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Innovation leadership is not the result of coincidences but rather the result of adequate strategic orientation as well as its consistent corporate implementation.


Think integrally to develop on the point

innevo Customers and network   What is the added value that our customers gain through their cooperation with innevo?
It’s quite simple: our customers profit from our experience in product development both in the area of engineering as well as in the area of strategic sales planning.
In doing so, they can build on innevo competencies, which include business strategy, marketing, company structuring and innovation in the high technology business to business sector. Our expertise accordingly combines semiconductor technology, microsystems technology and nanotechnology with our managerial experience to an integrally focused approach for commercial success.
  Correspondingly our customers are in general innovating companies targeting innovative users who quickly adopt innovations. Their marketing is focused on the early phases of the product life cycle. That means that our customers realise the greatest part of their profits during the introduction, growth and early saturation phases of new and innovative products. In addition they manage their product portfolio proactively and are a trendsetter in their respective market segments.
Our customers represent an exceptionally wide range of high-tech business areas. This includes:
Benefit from our experience in product development and engineering as well as in marketing and sales
Biotechnology – for screening and analysis processes a few nanolitres of different test media are dosed onto a field which is just a few square millimeters large with one "shot" from a print head made of silicon and glass. © Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft
  • Sensors
    (e.g. navigation systems, virtual reality)
  • Data transfer and processing
    (e.g. telecommunications, smart homes)
  • Logistics and security technology
    (e.g. near field communication, technical building security)
  • Lifestyle, fitness, sports, textiles
    (e.g. sports devices, electro-functional clothing)
  • Medical technology
    (e.g. medical implants, tele-medicine)
  • Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, environmental technology
    (e.g. miniaturised bioreactors, diagnostics systems)
Our work is targeted towards supporting you as customer to better understand what kind of effect certain developments in these application areas have on your current business model. And we examine opportunities resulting from these developments for strengthening your current and future product portfolio.
We also use our distinctive knowledge of the named markets for networking to the benefit of semiconductor equipment suppliers – so that they can tune their processes and products on the specific needs of their MEMS and nanotechnology customers.

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